Due to the delay in constructing our new studio, we're selling some of our unused equipment and instruments.  We take meticulous care of all our gear.  Everything is in excellent to like-new condition.  Some of it is even brand-new, in-the-box, never-been-used.  All these items are stored in a smoke-free, environmentally-controlled room.

Our prices are very reasonable and we package extremely well.

You can buy from us with complete confidence.  We've been on eBay for over 12 years, have a feedback score of 345 with 100% positive, and a total of 390 feedbacks @ 100% positive.

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Updated October 20, 2012

Some items have links to more detailed pages.  Recently sold items can be viewed by selecting the "View Sold" drop-down panels.  We left some of their detailed pages on the website for the fun of it.

- Audio Technica AT4050 with shockmount
- Beyer M260 N(C) ribbon (3)
- BLUE Bottle, complete with B6 capsule, case, shockmount, & cable
- Groove Tubes GT57, unused, new-in-box (2)
- Groove Tubes GT67, unused, new-in-box (2)
- Neumann KM 150 hand-matched stereo pair, hypercardioid
- Neumann KMS 105 supercardioid vocal mic
- Telefunken R-F-T AK-47

View Recently Sold Microphones
- AKG 414 TLII factory-matched stereo pair
- Audio Technica 4050
- BLUE Blueberry with Series One Shockmount
- BLUE Bottle, with B6 capsule, case, shockmount, & cable; brand-new
- BLUE Cactus with rare Series 1 Shockmount & Pop Filter
- BLUE Dragonfly Deluxe Limited Edition (BLUE B6 capsule, wood case)
- Neumann KM 150 hand-matched stereo pair, hypercardioid
- Neumann KM 150 hypercardioid
- Neumann AK 50 hypercardioid capsule
- Neumann KM 184 factory-matched stereo pair
- Neumann M149 sequential stereo pair, early models with Neumann V149 power supplies
- Neumann TLM 103 stereo pair
- Neumann TLM 193
- Neumann EA-1 mt shockmount, matte black
- Neumann EA-1 shockmount, silver
- RCA 77A Museum Grade
- RCA BK-5A Museum Grade with original RCA windscreen ball

- Aphex 107 Dual Mic Preamp
- Avalon U5 DI
- Summit TD-100 Tube DI
- TL Audio PA-2001 4-Channel Tube Mic Pre

View Recently Sold Microphone Preamps & DIs
- Toft AFC-2 dual-channel mic preamp/EQ
- A-Designs Pacifica, brand-new, in the factory-sealed box
- Avalon AD2022 2-Channel
- Focusrite ISA 428 4-Channel
- Grace 101 single-channel, high-gain version
- Millennia Media HV-3D 8-Channel
- TRUE Systems P2analog
- Universal Audio 2-610S

- TL Audio C1 Dual-Channel Mic Pre/Compressor (2) sequential serial numbers

View Recently Sold Channel Strips
- Avalon Vt-737sp
- Focusrite Liquid Channel (2)
- Focusrite Red 7
- Toft AFC-2 dual-channel mic pre/EQ
- Universal Audio 6176

- dbx 166 Dual-Channel, the original, like-new, in-the-box
- FMR Audio RNC1773 Really Nice Compressor ("RNC")
- FMR Audio RNLA7239 Really Nice Levelling Amp ("RNLA")

View Recently Sold Compressors
- Avalon AD2044 Dual-Channel Compressor
- Focusrite MixMaster
- Summit TLA-50
- Universal Audio 2-1176

- Aphex 109
- Presonus EQ3B

- Yamaha MG10/2

- Ensoniq DP/4
- Lexicon LXP-5 (2 units) with Lexicon MRC Remote Controller
- Lexicon Reflex
- Lexicon Vortex


- Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 20th Anniversary, 20th Ann. Birds, 10-Top, Vintage Yellow
- Rickenbacker 4001 Bass, 1977

- National RPG Style O brass, round neck
- National RPG Tricone Vintage Steel, round neck

- Gibson CG520 Double 8-String Console, Museum Grade
- OMI Dobro Brass, square neck

- Line 6 DT50-112 Tube Amp with D2F cover
- Boss FBM-1 Fender '59 Bassman Pedal, new-in-box
- Boss GE-7 Graphic EQ Pedal, like-new
- Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner Pedal, like-new
- Keeley Electronics Java Boost with CV7003 Germanium Transistors, Limited Edition
- Roland VG-99 and Roland FC-300 MIDI Foot Controller, new-in-box

View Recently Sold Guitar Amps & Effects
- Fractal Audio Systems Axe-FX II, brand-new, unused, in-the-box
- Line 6 POD HD Pro & FBV Shortboard MkII, both unused, new, in-the-box
- Line 6 PODxt Live, excellent shape
- Mesa/Boogie V-Twin rack-mount tube preamp
- TC Electronic G-System, excellent condition

- Ovation Soprano Ukulele, solid spruce top, Transparent Black

View Recently Sold Ukuleles & Guitar/Ukuleles
- Kamaka Tenor 4-String Ukulele
- Kamaka Tenor 8-String Ukulele
- KoAloha D-VI 6-string Guitar/Ukulele (#1 of 2)
- KoAloha D-VI 6-string Guitar/Ukulele (#2 of 2)
- KoAloha Soprano Ukulele


View Recently Sold Miscellaneous Items
- Alan Parsons' Art & Science of Sound Recording 3 DVD Set, unopened, plastic-wrapped box
- Frontier Design Group TranzPort, unused, like-new
- Novation ReMOTE SL 61, like-new
- SMI A-Style Mandolin

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